Your Erroneous Zone

//Your Erroneous Zone

Your Erroneous Zone

Most of the people who read this book have worked during the bad phase (well there are no bad phases every phase comes in our lives to teach us the valuable lessons) of their lives. But lucky I read this book a few months before I had my bad phase of life was on my way. So thank God, It helped me in a great deal.

How did I come to know about this book? Well, once I came across this quote on Instagram:

When you squeeze an orange you get orange juice
Because that’s what’s inside.
The very same nature is true about you.

When someone squeezes you-
Puts pressure on you,
What comes out is what’s inside.

If you don’t like what’s inside
You can change it
By changing your thoughts.

—–Dr. Wayne Dyer (1940 -2015)

I got fascinated by this quote and became curious to find more of his work. And came a few books written by him. And I chose Erroneous to be my first book.

I recommend this book all youths out there. Read it once and you will fall in love with the writing of Dr Whyne Dyre. What I liked most about him is his thinking is deep. His ideology towards life is great and it will help you to look at the big picture. To achieve an elite position in life for your soul and body as well. It’s a really amazing book that changed my life and the way I think and acts in many aspects of my life. I thought that I didn’t like self-help books but this book helped me in many ways that I should get out of my comfort zone. I think that anyone should read it at least once in his/her life.

Link to the Book: Your Erroneous Zones

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